About Us

Community Arts Network

We are a Registered Non-Profit Society that aims to be a social-building platform at the heart of the community arts ecosystem....a place where anyone anywhere can connect with everyone everywhere, through the Arts and with the Arts.

We run a membership platform, deliver programmes and events, conduct fundraising activities, sales of products and services, seek out funding, grants and patronage, operate collaborative spaces - all in the name of Connecting and Supporting Communities in Singapore.

Our 4 Key Thrusts

1. Foster Communities

  • We get involved with the community. We create works with and for the community.

  • We believe in the potential and power of community where each Community has its own unique feature to showcase and celebrate. Collectively, we can grow stronger together through art-making and arts appreciation.

  • We hope to foster links between existing communities and creating new communities

2. Make Art Happen

  • We create a platform, an encounter for meaningful art to happen. We believe that art has the power to bring people together.

3. Place Making

  • Making sense of under-utilised spaces

  • We hope to create quality places that people want to live, work, play, and learn in. We want meaningful interactions for the people and with the spaces they live in, so as to harness the sense of ownership, belonging and relationships within the space we live in.

4. Advocate Social Impact

  • We believe in works that have a strong moving social purpose that can bring about change to the society.

  • We aim to bridge, address, and raise awareness on important social issues
 through the works that we do or support in.