Management & Operations Team


President (Arts)

Mun’s career Spans over four decades, starting as a fashion director for a major departmental store in Singapore, to later curating arts and cultural events, as well as providing retail and marketing consultancy for various brands across Asia. 

He holds a BS in Applied Science, Fashion Design and Merchandising from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and a BS in Fashion Merchandising and Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York


President (Community)

Lineng specialises in removing communication gaps and designing learner-/user-centred programmes/events. An educator and facilitator who has worked with all age groups all around Asia, Lineng is an empathetic and perceptive listener-observer able to make the complex simple—ensuring collaborations translate successfully in social, educational, cultural or professional settings.


Secretary General

Aldrin drives and serves on multi-stakeholder collaborative projects for Social Innovation and Impact. He is also an enthusiast photographer, web developer and budding Upcycling Carpenter.

"I am a full-on scientist, part-time artist! Willing to hands (and knees) dirty and to try and learn how to stimulate the creative side of my brain, if I have one. Come help me explore the mysteries of the artistic soul and hopefully we can make wonderful art that can also benefit and impact the community and environment positively!"



Joshua specialises in children's motivational and arts programmes. Active in Play Back Theatre and also a professional event organiser, Joshua has been involved with various productions, including coaching and mentoring school groups for the Biannual Singapore Youth Festival. performing in various black box theatre productions, and organising pop ups like exhibitions and arts and culture events in galleries, malls and public spaces. 


Community Engagement and Outreach

In a nutshell, Ghazali has embarked on a life journey to learn and understand what it means to be an authentic human being. Most of his career as a working adult is spent on facilitating others to develop this craft. He is a drama educator, Theatre Practitioner, facilitator of Theater of the Oppressed, and Playback Theatre practitioner. He advocates for causes that champion the psychological well-being of the people.


Partnerships and Capability Development

Joeve Lio strongly believes in the potential of both people and art. Her satisfaction lies in the process of art-making and making meaningful art happen with people and for people. Joeve is also a freelance drama educator – she can be found working with children and youths. She also manages her own Playback Theatre collective with a team of Playbackers.